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Leelaram Enterprises Potato Flakes Experts and food and beverage consultants


Leelaram Enterprises

Leelaram Enterprises

About Us

Leelaram Enterprises was founded by professionals with a combined experience of 160+ years in the Food Processing Industry.​

Our seasoned and highly experienced Food Technologist; Mr. Dinesh Garg has to his credit; the setup & establishment of one of the very First Potato Flakes Processing Plant in India.

Post plant setup, he has toiled relentlessly and developed close to hundred fifty plus product applications using potato flakes and have value added to numerous clients for their application development, Product improvisation and standardization and moving away from the traditional usage of potatoes as a raw material to using potato flakes instead, thus saving in huge time, money, hassle and complexity of managing water and potato waste and rather focusing on their USP's.

Alu Bhujia is one such product amongst many where Potato Flakes usage is extensive which Mr. Dinesh has developed and mastered the art of Aloo Bhujia making, and which has become the norm of the day. Some of the very first users and clients which are a leading savory manufacturers of India reckon him for saving them from the hassle of price variation, quality variation of starch, sugar and water and waste management.

After the first plant, Mr. Dinesh has setup and led many plants in Uttar Pradesh & Maharashtra to what they are today and going strong with time. He is an authority when it comes to Potato Flakes which people in the Food processing Fraternity acknowledge and listen to for advice and interventions.

Under Leelaram enterprises we bring this experience and expertise and vouch for excellence in execution of setting up, modernization of a highly economically, efficient and most respected processing plant in the country for potato flakes. 

Meet The Team

Dinesh Garg Potato Flakes Consultant

Dinesh Garg

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Dinesh Garg is a veteran in Food Processing Industry with 50+ years experience and 27+ experience in Potato Flakes Processing.


He has worked with Government and Private Organizations such as; NOGA, IFFL (Dosa King), Desai Brothers (Mother's Receipe), Merino Industries (Vegit) ,Bikaji International and Consulting to numerous clients in various Food Processing Projects.

GAURAVGARG potato flakes consultants

Gaurav Garg

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Gaurav is a seasoned sales professional with 19 years of experience in Client Acquisitions in Corporate  Learning & Development and Food Industry.


He has worked with organizations of repute such as as Karrox Technologies, , SG Analytics, HCL Infosystems, NIIT Ltd. & Shiv Nadar University before steering the sales and marketing at Leelaram Enterprises.


Launched & ran first ever commercially viable and efficient Potato Flakes Plant in India 30 years ago & invented Potato Flakes for Bhujia making & frozen finger snacks!

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Market Development

Reinvented Alu Bhujia using Potato Flakes and numerous Frozen Food Products & developed market for Potato Flakes in India & Abroad and  reached out to all India Namkeen & Frozen Food Industry

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Product Development

Numerous product applications developed using Potato Flakes for MNC clients like McDonald's, PepsiCo to leading Indian food processors like Bikaji, Haldiram's to local Indian Snack manufacturers & Government Defense

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27 Year of Potato Flakes Experience out of a total of 50 years in Food Processing Industry

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One Stop Shop for all your Potato Flakes Solution Needs

Potato Flakes Plant Setup, product standardization, yield improvement, plant balancing and synchronization , manpower selection and training, setting standard operating procedures, installation and commissioning; potato flakes processing specific to specific International Client needs, product development and standardization using potato flakes as raw material and replacing traditional potato as per desired parameters.

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