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Potato Flakes Processing Services

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Greenfield Potato Flakes Plant Setup

Green Field Project Consultancy for Potato Flakes Processing includes the following: 1) Land Planning , Audit & Finalization 2) Plant Design and Drawings finalization 3) Process capacity defining & corresponding utility planning 4) Coordinating with Architects, Equipment suppliers, Civil Contractor and Utility Suppliers 5) Installation & Commissioning Advisory 6) Product standardization and approval 7) Manpower planning & selection & Training 8) Lab setup 9) Cold Store Advisory 10) Pre Processing and post Processing streamlining for effective efficiency 11) Packaging Advisory

Plant Audit & Optimization

Plant Audit, Technology Assessment, Manpower Competency Assessment, Equipment Assessment and Audit, Deficiency Mapping, Utility Evaluation, Energy Utilization and Savings, Productivity Enhancement.

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Improving Operations Excellency

Consulting on Operational Measures to achieve Operational Excellence

Product Development using Potato Flakes as RM

Consulting on Operational Measures to achieve Operational Excellence for developing new products using potato flakes and standardization of raw material based on finished product requirements

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